Perspective Clients

Welcome to ICAN Realty Corp!
We look forward to helping you navigate the wonderful and challenging world of real estate.

Our relationship with you may begin with a phone call, a text, an email or in-person.
Whenever and however it does, we want you to know what to expect.

We will begin by asking you some basic introductory questions. Your answers will enable us to better meet your needs.

Some of the questions we ask include:
*Are you looking to sell/buy/rent now or down the road?
*Where do you live now?
*Where do you work, and how long have you been there?

We will also ask you to provide us with identification.

We will provide you with the NYS Seller and Buyer Disclosure Form, or the NYS Landlord and Tenant Disclosure Form, whichever is appropriate. These are not contracts but, instead, clearly explain our relationship with you.

We will ask you to obtain a mortgage loan pre-approval if you are interested in purchasing a home.

Those are our required basics! So let’s get started.