Your New Best Friend

Moving to a new neighborhood can be a challenge but it can be made so much easier with a new “friend.”

Adopt a pet.

You will have a new someone who is totally on-top-of-the-world when you come home.

If you have a child, he/she/they will have someone to tell the day’s successes and stresses to. (You can share your day too!) And walking a dog is a terrific way to meet your new neighbors.

But where do you go, and what pet should you get?

There are some terrific animal rescues in Westchester, including Paws Crossed in Elmsford and SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff. You can adopt a dog, cat, rabbit or bird.

They will guide you as to the best pet for you and your family.

(If you are looking for a bird, a great place to go is Bird Jungle on Central Avenue in Scarsdale.)

There are also wonderful 21st century business creations – doggy daycares and dog walkers – that will make your life so much easier.

When I was little, no one would have ever imagined that there was a need for these businesses – BUT I can tell you from personal experience, they make your life easier, your pet happier, and your dog socially better prepared for everything, plus it makes them tired when they come home to you.

(If you are not home much, trust me when I say a puppy is probably not for you. Try an older animal. They need you as much as you need them.)

Stay tune for our next blog on the most awesome vet ever!

(Please remember that our posts are not recommendations. They are based on personal experience.)

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